Solar Garden Sculptures from Micromark

The latest line of garden beauties from Micromark takes the solar garden light and embeds it in sculptural stone-style elements called the Twist, Tango, Waltz and Bolero. Each is accented with long-lasting LEDs. No price given, but Micromark claims they offer "value for money" so they're probably not astronomical. [GT] Micromark Outdoor and Garden lights…

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Gabrielle TaylorSolar Garden Sculptures from Micromark

Pixelnotes wallpaper reinvents the Post-it

Pixelnotes wallpaper is four layers deep of perforated Post-it style notecards which, as you write on them and tear them off, create pixelated patterns on your wall showing your usage. Duncan Wilson's collaboration with Sirkka Hammer won second place in the 'New Walls, Please!' competition. [GT] Pixelnotes wallpaper More furniture and furnishings

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Gabrielle TaylorPixelnotes wallpaper reinvents the Post-it

Hello Kitty Solar Swing Digital Clock

Instead of a hanging pendulum below the clock, the Hello Kitty Solar Swing Digital Clock has her cute little head bobbing above the cup she's curled up in. It's also solar-powered via a cute little panel that juices up the button cell that keeps her running eternally. $15. [GT] Hello Kitty Solar Swing Digital Clock…

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Gabrielle TaylorHello Kitty Solar Swing Digital Clock

iPhone's hidden features, YouTube pwnage, the green way to do standby…

The best of the day from Shiny Media... Hidden features on the iPhone! And you thought your anticipation was bad enough as it was. [iPhonic] If only you could pwn YouTube videos, and show the n00bs who's got macro. Oh wait, you can! [Techscape] Reduced hardware burn out? Green points? Devices left on standby? Isn't…

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Kate WalkeriPhone's hidden features, YouTube pwnage, the green way to do standby…

Eleksen Flips the Script with Double-Sided Keyboard

Is it deja vu? Haven't we already told you about the Eleksen Fabric Keyboard? Yes, we have, but Eleksen wasn't done with it. It still rolls up and is made of fabric, but the new double-sided version has a QWERTY keyboard on one side and on the other side features a calculator plus media controls.…

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KimberlyEleksen Flips the Script with Double-Sided Keyboard

Why we'll never truly know everything about the web

Gemma Cartwright writes... I set up my first website when I was 16. Granted, it was a terrible waste of time with Comic Sans font, photographs as the background, far too many animated images and scrolling marquees, but it was a start. I found myself amazed when I first started dabbling in HTML that it…

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GemmaWhy we'll never truly know everything about the web

Shiny Video Review: Blackberry 8800

Ash and I slated the Blackberry 8800 when we saw it at 3GSM, but I've had to indulge in a rather large portion of humble pie, since it turns out we were wrong. It's actually really quite nice, featuring GPS, a Pearl-esque scroll wheel and the traditional Blackberry goodness. So, this is a video of…

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Susi WeaserShiny Video Review: Blackberry 8800

Slightest Touch – foreplay for ankles. Yes, ankles.

At first glance you could be forgiven for thinking that this is one of those machines that makes you thin by sending electrical pulses through your body. It's not, though: it's much better than that (or so they say, anyway), so this is actually a naughty toy. You attach two electrodes to your ankles, and…

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Staff WriterSlightest Touch – foreplay for ankles. Yes, ankles.

Sky launch Remote Record – never miss a show again

Holidays are great, aren't they? What's not so great? When you're lying there on the beach and you suddenly realise you're just about to miss the season finale of Lost, or Desperate Housewives, or whatever your particular televisual poison happens to be. Sucks to be you, doesn't it? Well, no more: if you have Sky…

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Staff WriterSky launch Remote Record – never miss a show again

Shake and Dry Umbrella

The NanoNuno umbrella has an interesting claim. Is it that it keeps me even drier? Perhaps it keeps my feet dry as well as my head? The NanoNuno umbrella goes one better – it keeps itself dry. Modelled on a natural phenomenon – the lotus leaf – the fabric of the NanoNuno simulates the rough…

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Staff WriterShake and Dry Umbrella

Simplify Your Life with the Button-Free Logitech AudioStation Express

What a cutie! I really like the look of this dinky little ‘express speaker system’. I like the idea as well – that you might not want a sound system with loads of buttons and settings which, in order to feel deserving of, you feel obliged to spend your time experiment with. I like to…

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Staff WriterSimplify Your Life with the Button-Free Logitech AudioStation Express

Beyerdynamic DTX 50 Sound Isolating Headphones

Now I’m obviously not a great audiophile, because I’ve never bought separate earphones for my MP3 player. I struggle on, squishing them deeper into my ears with my fingers to block out the traffic noise, holding them in place so they don’t fall out, turning the volume high to compensate for the muffled sound. Why…

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Staff WriterBeyerdynamic DTX 50 Sound Isolating Headphones

Blinky Bug gets a cute little groove on

Handmade from wire, LEDs and bits of electronics, the Blinky Bug is a tiny bit of art designed to respond to wind, vibrations and movement. Each unique bug, which subsists interminably on a very low power trickle, blinks its eyes and waggles about as though it naturally belongs in its own environment. Video interview of…

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Gabrielle TaylorBlinky Bug gets a cute little groove on

Intelliplug makes energy saving easy

Plug your computer into the Intelliplug master socket, and plug your, for example, monitor and printer into the slave sockets. Then when you turn off the computer, the Intelliplug automatically cuts power to the monitor and printer. Recommended by the Energy Saving Trust. £17. [GT] Intelliplug [via EcoStreet] More eco-friendly gadgets

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Gabrielle TaylorIntelliplug makes energy saving easy