Sony launches new ultra-mobile PC, the mini Vaio

Susi Weaser Tech

Sony have brought out an ultra-mobile PC, the Vaio UX1. That’s ultra people. It’s so ultra, it practically floats along by itself and it fits in your hands. But look at it. It’s not really very pretty. And I can’t seem to work up any excitement about the fact that it has a touchscreen, or the two integrated cameras (one for video chat, and one on the back for taking photos) or the 1GB of memory, or even the fact that the Intel Ultra-Low Voltage processor will make running processor-hungry Vista a breeze. Am I wrong? Has the world truly lost it’s sparkle, or will I feel differently after a good nap? Who knows.

Product page: Sony

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By Susi Weaser | January 29th, 2007

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