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Like another alarm clock we featured today, this one has lots of good intentions. The Motiwake aims to change unhealthy negative thoughts into ‘empowering and positive, thoughts, beliefs and outcomes.’ And it’ll do that with an ‘affirmation picture’ which I presume is the snap of the jolly jumping pair. A benefit it seems to have is you can store and playback your MP3s on it – £29.99

[Update: it seems there are commenters who have used it and enjoyed it, so there you go. You can check out the press release over the jump for more info on the product.]

Product page

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Motiwake press release

Can Your Alarm Clock Help You Lose Weight?

88% of people make at least 1 new year resolution.

80% of people don’t keep those new years resolutions.

80% of those resolutions are for health and fitness.

80% of Motiwake ‘power thoughts’ help achieve health and fitness goals.

Lots of people struggle with their goals; lose weight, stop smoking, diet, exercise, increase self esteem, reduce stress and be debt free.

Motiwake reinforces goals everyday.

Tim McIntosh, Company Director of Inc Media Ltd says “Motiwake is an original product designed to help incorporate health and fitness goals into your normal daily routine using an alarm clock, mobile phone or MP3 player.”

With New Year resolutions freshly formed, many are thinking toward change and growth. The innovative Motiwake is a combination of personal coaching technology and contemporary alarm clock supported by the best in MP3 mobile concepts. ‘Power thoughts’ are bespoke affirmations professionally recorded and set to specifically written music. The Motiwake delivers ‘power thoughts’ at the most crucial time of the day. The waking mind passes through the Alpha state, used notably by Olympic athletes when set firmly on their winning goal. In this highly receptive state the subconscious responds on a deep level to affirmations. Statements in the positive become accepted and the day is subtly sculpted towards manifesting goals and desires.

Motiwake brings with it an entire support package. It arrives fully installed with a fresh ‘power thought’ pack, just set the time and alarm and its ready to go. To personalise the unit there are 24 categories and 240 affirmations with the free computer software. New messages can be recorded with a microphone and computer to be totally customised. Inspiring pictures with affirmations can be downloaded for the picture frame.

One key benefit of the easy selection software is it allows the user to choose from the full list of affirmations/power thoughts only the words that resonate a positive feeling, thus only being woken to words that create the greatest benefit to their belief system. This selection process can enable someone to choose from different lists/packs to truly design their focus on one or multiply goals at the same time.

This is popular science right now with the release of the films ‘the Secret’ and ‘What the bleep do we know’ where key physicists, doctors, entrepreneurs and philosophers share their insights into how our thoughts create reality..

Mobile phones can be a powerful way to success. Motiwake music can be stored as mobile phone ring tones; incoming calls will reinforce ‘power thoughts’. Motiwake will send relevant motivational text messages during the day, breaking unwanted habits.

Since 2001 we have specialised in delivering mobile and web based media directly to clients globally. We have teamed up with key Life Coach and Fitness trainers to create a winning support team for anyone who truly wants to achieve their health and fitness goals.

By Camilla Chafer | January 10th, 2007

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  • Aelita

    I’ve tried it and it works pretty well. I wasn’t sure at first, but I’m happy with it.

  • Nick

    Just a quick note to say how useful I have found the motiwake. I got it as a Christmas present in order to help me with my usual issues keeping up with my New Year Resolutions.

    So far, so good, it seems to be working. An additional benefit is that I dont have to set time aside for goal setting as the motiwake does it all for you when you wake.

    Highly reccommend