Do you like our Snaps?

Susi Weaser Tech 8 Comments

A test for you. Hover over this link. See that? That’s a Snap. And from now on, any link you hover on will bring up a little thumbnail of the site (except for internal links, like other Shiny Shiny pages). Magic, eh? So, now you’ll know where we’re sending you, before you start the intrepid journey.

Just another bit of loveliness brought to you by Shiny.

By Susi Weaser | January 18th, 2007

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  • Bob Roberts

    Snaps are annoying. They get in the way and interfere with the enjoyment that plain surfing brings. Please get rid of them or you’ll end up getting rid of me.

  • Andrew Martin

    Not likely Bob, publishers use Snaps to show you links without you leaving their site. Info at

  • Susi

    We’re going to give them a trial and see what the general reaction is. If everyone agrees with you and hates them, we’ll see about taking them down. In the meantime, stick with us. Please? Pretty please?

  • aaa

    snaps didn’t work out for me. thank god.
    this is on IE 6,7 and ff 2

  • Kerry

    I have to agree, and say that they really annoy me, i move my mouse to read a post and all of a sudden a snap pops up! is there any way of disabling them at all??

  • thebrokedown

    My Firefox settings must be stopping these for me.

  • Charl

    i disabled mine – most annoying!

  • Alan in Belfast

    They’re fun for the first while and then become progressively more and more annoying. Hope you remove them in the next few days.

    Not that they’re not a useful tool – but they need to be targetted at URLs where you want to show a preview, and not at all URLs. An innovation that Snap doesn’t yet support (or am I wrong)?