Danielle Sobik's light emitting sofa says how into you they are

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So you’re sitting there, at the beginning of the date, on the sofa, with an awkward meter of space between you. The Light Emitting Sofa by Danielle Sobik is cool and dark, with just a few little blue patterns. Your date notices the sofa and, in peering at it, moves a bit closer. The sofa light turns purple! Date slides over, puzzled, and hip contacts your knee. Sofa is now glowing like the aurora borealis! And you take the opportunity to jump your date, and never leave the house, and by the end of it, the entire sofa (how athletic y’all are!) is covered with a bright pink glow. [GT]

Light Emitting Sofa by Danielle Sobik [via New Launches]

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By Gabrielle Taylor | January 31st, 2007

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