Create multi-frame mini photos with the Lomo Oktomat

Cate Tech 3 Comments

I am in love with Lomo’s new Oktomat camera! Although digital cameras are amazing and splendorous, there are still things to be said for the good ole 35mms. With the Lomo Oktomat, just press the shutter once, and eight tiny lenses fire in turn and create a multi-frame mini photo! For further fun, you can even upload your mini photos to Lomography’s website and create a full action mini movie.

This fabulous little camera takes standard 35mm film, and yes, you will have to go all the way to your local drug store and have the film processed just like we did back in the ’90s. I feel as though we can manage to sacrifice a little bit of our blogging and Wii time for the sake of photography!

£27 or $40 from Lomography

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By Cate | January 3rd, 2007

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  • Rob

    It’s not new, though; I’ve had one for the last couple of years.

  • CupCate

    Yes, you’re right. It is not new, but new to the site, and new to me.

    Seeing as you’ve had it for a while, what do you think of it?

  • Rob

    It’s fun for a while, Cate :)
    It’s eaten two films so far though I haven’t used it too much. Got a Holga (another type of Lomo camera) for Christmas ’05 – bigger and lets you do multiple-exposure shots if once can be arsed with the whole film developing thing.