CES 2007: The all-new Taser C2 comes in… pink?!

Gemma Tech

They really will make anything pink in order to flog it to ladies, won’t they? Music players, phones, even laptops we can understand. But who decided to make a pink Taser gun?

No, we’re not joking. The Taser C2 really does come in a metallic pink edition, as well as the more manly black pearl, electric blue and titanium silver versions. The device has a range of 15 feet, can last for up to 50 firings before needing a recharge, comes with an optional laser sight, and requires a background check before you’re allowed to buy one, so you don’t use it to hold up your local supermarket (obviously girls with pink ones will find it much more handy for giving lechy men a bit of a shock*).

*that’s officially my worst pun ever.

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By Gemma | January 10th, 2007

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