CES 2007: Nabaztag/tag…look at the cute bunnies!

Susi Weaser Tech

nabaztagces.jpgThis isn’t breaking news, but I couldn’t resist a picture. I think the CES hysteria may have finally set in. Let loose (again! they’re idiots!) in the small halls this morning, I found some light relief at the Nabaztag stand. If you thought the legendary wi-fi bunny couldn’t get any more twee, just take a look at these little cuties. If I didn’t want one of these before, I definitely do now. I also want a pink bedroom with grass and flowers, if my housemates are reading. As we’ve mentioned before, the second generation rabbit comes complete with a new body part – a bellybutton – that allows him to listen to commands and record voices so you can send voice messages (apparently, his ears are busy doing other things). Pre-order one now on the suitably sweet ‘nabaztore’ now. [Gemma]

Nabaztag/tag – the second generation wi-fi bunny

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By Susi Weaser | January 9th, 2007

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