CES 2007: Sandisk V-Mate gets a Wii firmware upgrade

SanDisk’s V-Mate made its debut at IFA last year along with a European launch but our team spotted a brand new feature on its menu at CES – Wii compatibility, and you all know how much we love our Wii. If you already have a V-Mate all you need to do is get a firmware upgrade rather than replacing the unit itself which is certainly good news.

The V-Mate is essentially a video recorder that connects to any A/V device with a composite output and then records straight to a memory card – SD, MMC and the like. So when you record to the memory card now you’ll be able to play it back via the Wii’s memory card reader.

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Camilla ChaferCES 2007: Sandisk V-Mate gets a Wii firmware upgrade