Sad news about Star C Foster

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Dear Shiny readers,

starcfoster.jpgOur lovely, fantastic, funny and downright supreme Star C Foster died suddenly over the weekend. Star suffered a pulmonary embolism caused by a tumour in her leg. She will be greatly missed by all of us. She was with Shiny Shiny almost from the start, writing her excellent, sarcastic gadget stories every day without fail and generally being fantastic. Being a blogger supreme, she also co-edited the Phillyist and contributed to The Bitter Quill writers’ blog, as well as numerous other writing and blogging projects. And then of course, there’s her excellent personal blog, Sarcasmo’s Corner, where Star wrote about her love of all things creepy and any general geekery that came to mind.

Shiny Shiny will be shut down for the day. Our thoughts go out to all her friends and family. Bye Star, we’ll miss you. xxx

By Katie | December 11th, 2006

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  • Kate

    As a new Shiny, I didn’t get to know Star as well as I would have liked to. But she was the consumate professional, always eager to help, and the author of some of the best posts on this blog. She will be sorely missed, and not just by her fellow Shinies. The internet is diminished without her.

  • Gemma

    Though she started around the same time as me, I didn’t have much communication with Star since we worked on different sides of Shiny. However, this news still knocked me for six. I know that Katie and Susi thought very, very highly of Star, and that whenever I sent out a group email or asked for help with something, she was one of the first to respond. She was truly a Super Blogger. Conscientious, funny, witty, warm and an absolutely fantastic writer. I loved reading her stuff for Shiny Shiny and I know she will be terribly missed by all of us.

    My heart goes out to her friends and loved ones at this terrible time.

  • chris price

    An engaging and witty writer as well as a warm and genuine human being, Star was always a pleasure to deal with. Her death, at such a young age, is simply tragic and my thoughts are with family and friends at this difficult time. Star, we thankyou for your contribution to Shiny Media. We will miss you.

  • Linda

    Really, really sorry to read such sad news about such a vibrant, talented young writer. I didn’t know Star but the energy and wit of her work will be very sadly missed. What a terrible loss, like all of you I would also like to send my love to Star’s family. Linda x

  • Kim

    Such terrible news to hear this morning. My best wishes go out to Star’s family and friends. Reading the responses from the rest of the Shiny team, Star will certainly be missed for her valuable contributions to the network.

  • Kimberly

    So sorry to hear of Star’s death. My condolences to her friends and family.

  • David Krug

    Deep condolences to the family,friends and fellow bloggers.

  • Julia

    I remember most of Star’s posts from when I first started reading the Shiny blogs, and even though that’s all I know her from I’m extremely saddened by the news… My deepest sympathy to all those that knew her =(

  • Pedro Pais

    My truest condolences to the family.

    Although I do not know the decease’s work I fell sorry to know such a bright and young person has left our World.

  • Sakura

    Just surfed in… so sorry to hear about this. My thoughts go out to her family and friends.

  • Natali

    :( I’ve been reading ShinyShiny for a long long time. Best wishes and thoughts to the family, friends and all who knew her.

  • Sara

    This is incredibly sad. I am so sorry to hear it. All good wishes to her family and friends.

  • Michele

    I am so very sorry. I loved Star’s posts, and the attitude she brought to technology for women. She will be missed. My thoughts go out to her family.

  • Matt

    I was very sad to hear about the loss of Star. My thoughts go to her family, and all of you at Shiny Shiny. I wish you all the best.

  • Audris Rumaldo

    Unbelievably tragic news. I literally had to read this post about 10 times to fully process this. My deepest sympthany goes to her family and friends. She will be missed dearly. She was a terrfic person and a great writer. Someone I always enjoyed chatting with and working with. We love you Star you will be missed!