Online shopping has negative effects, says study

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I wonder how many of you have taken the choice to bow out of the shopping mall scrum that categorises consumer fest and have done all your shopping online this year. So, it’s hardly surprising that a new study steps up to say ‘Mouse Rage’ is on the up and online shopping can have serious health effects.

Liz Tucker, Health and Wellbeing consultant warns, ‘This report shows that Mouse Rage can be as stressful as moving house, divorce and money worries.’

Tucker continues, ‘Online shopping can be particularly hazardous at Christmas. Finding, paying for and arranging delivery of gifts, hiring cars and booking holidays through badly hosted websitesthat keep crashing, can quickly get the blood boiling.’

‘As with all Christmas shopping, I’d recommend that people stagger it over a period of time, so if someone does have a bad website experience, hopefully it will be the only one of the day.’

The report interviewed 2500 internet users using their experiences of different websites and physiological tests. ‘Problem’ sites, poorly designed and slow to load, caused the most significant effects including teeth clenching, pulse quickening and increased sweating.

The first signs of Mouse Rage -
· Heart rate quickens
· Increased sweating
· Furious clicking of the mouse
· Simultaneous clicking and cursing the screen
· Bashing the mouse

The top 5 causes of Mouse Rage
· Slow to load pages
· Confusing / difficult to navigate layouts
· Excessive pop-ups
· Unnecessary advertising
· Site unavailability

The study was commissioned by RackSpace Managed Hosting.

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By Camilla Chafer | December 12th, 2006

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