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Susi Weaser is all over the news!

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susi%20weaser.jpgOur very own Ms Susi Weaser is currently enjoying minor celebrity status (in fact, it's fair to say she's currently more famous than a lot of the "who?"s on I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here). Thanks to her recent job as a gadget expert on BBC 2's Something For The Weekend Sunday magazine show, she's being touted as a YouTube star turned TV presenter. I'm so proud *dabs away a tear*.

Check out the full coverage here:
Article in the Daily Mail
Article in the Telegraph
Article in Evening Standard

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  • Stephanie Lunn

    Hey Susi

    Nice to see you doing so brilliantly. I will now read your blog regularly. A nice mix of tech speak with normal speak. I feel very proud to have been a tiny part of your big fab career (the early years!).

    All the best

    Stephanie (CPR/FH HR person - Grad recruitment scheme)

  • Kat

    Hi Susi

    Can you tell me where to get the golf swing game you reviewed a couple of weeks ago? My hubby is nagging me to get it for him for xmas.



  • Susi

    Thanks for everyone's very kind words.

    And in answer to what I said to Tim after low cut top-gate, it was something about the fact that my parents were watching. In fact, they made me safety pin my cardi up for the end shots. Apparently it wasn't BBC2 appropriate!

  • Neil

    C'mon Susi, what did you say to Tim Lovejoy after his comments about your cleavage on "Something for the weekend" - funniest tv all weekend

  • Rod

    I just read about you in an Argentinean newspaper heheh, so you've definitely come a long way, and you deserve it. I just watched a couple of your mini-reports and I can see why they picked you.

    Congrats on your new job!

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