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susi%20weaser.jpgOur very own Ms Susi Weaser is currently enjoying minor celebrity status (in fact, it’s fair to say she’s currently more famous than a lot of the “who?“s on I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here). Thanks to her recent job as a gadget expert on BBC 2’s Something For The Weekend Sunday magazine show, she’s being touted as a YouTube star turned TV presenter. I’m so proud *dabs away a tear*.

Check out the full coverage here:
Article in the Daily Mail
Article in the Telegraph
Article in Evening Standard

By Katie | November 16th, 2006

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  • Tezze

    Yay susi! :) i was reading one of the free london underground papers when i saw this article in it.
    Congratulations on your newfound celebrity status, just dont let it get to your head and dont enter any “celebrity” reality tv shows, your far too dignified for that.. then again there was that cyberman helmet review :P

  • Vero

    Yay! Nice one Susi! Your stalker and I are very proud of you! ;)

  • Julia

    Go Susi. I woke up just to watch that program with the bloke who needs a personality transplant and wasn’t too impressed with the globe (which is fun =[) on a sunday morning! See, we’re all your fans here =P

  • SeekingPlumb

    Go Susi!! I always love to catch your 1 minute reviews. Your honesty & str8forwardness are refreshing!

    Keep up the great work! :D

  • Vero

    Congrats on the BBC article, front page of both entertainment and technology! Nice one, Susi! :)

  • Rod

    I just read about you in an Argentinean newspaper heheh, so you’ve definitely come a long way, and you deserve it. I just watched a couple of your mini-reports and I can see why they picked you.
    Congrats on your new job!

  • Neil

    C’mon Susi, what did you say to Tim Lovejoy after his comments about your cleavage on “Something for the weekend” – funniest tv all weekend

  • Susi

    Thanks for everyone’s very kind words.
    And in answer to what I said to Tim after low cut top-gate, it was something about the fact that my parents were watching. In fact, they made me safety pin my cardi up for the end shots. Apparently it wasn’t BBC2 appropriate!

  • Kat

    Hi Susi
    Can you tell me where to get the golf swing game you reviewed a couple of weeks ago? My hubby is nagging me to get it for him for xmas.

  • Stephanie Lunn

    Hey Susi
    Nice to see you doing so brilliantly. I will now read your blog regularly. A nice mix of tech speak with normal speak. I feel very proud to have been a tiny part of your big fab career (the early years!).
    All the best
    Stephanie (CPR/FH HR person – Grad recruitment scheme)