Sick of Winter? Try Some Sun In a Jar…

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Now, be honest: you’re thinking this is just another novelty lamp, aren’t you? Well, you’re wrong. Sort of. This, you see, is actual sun in a jar. (It’s also a lamp, of course, but moving along…) It works via a solar panel in the lid which, when left sitting out in the sun all day, will absorb those rays and use them to fire up some rechargeable batteries. Once the sun goes down, your jar will start to glow, allowing you to pretend than you have a real, live sunbeam trapped in there.

You get around five hours of light from your sun jar, assuming that you leave it for a full day beforehand, and it’ll cost you £19.95. Best of all, the company that makes it is called “Suck UK”. How about that?

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By Staff Writer | November 15th, 2006

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