LiteCubes get your glow on

Gabrielle Taylor Tech


Although LiteCubes are plastic ice cubes, not only do they still cool your drink (courtesy of a hipster gel center) they also light up in a variety of colours in a fashion similar to rave glow sticks. Since they can be turned on and off, they can be reused a ton of times, making them a much more convenient emergency light than those tapers you have stuffed in the back of your cupboards with one lonely, damp wooden match from your 5th birthday party. They also come shaped like fruit or sports gear, and naturally can be branded with your corporate logo. No word on what happens when your drunken friends inevitably eat one (will the light shine through both ears, like when you put a torch to one and the beam goes out the other?) [GT]

LiteCubes [via ChipChick]

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By Gabrielle Taylor | November 28th, 2006

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