Get the moon in your room – the Healing Moon, that is…

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TSTYL006100_01_L.jpgThe Healing Moon – ooh, sounds a bit new age, doesn’t it? But what does it heal, and how does it do it? Er, pass. The Healing Moon, you see, is more or less just a piece of art: a replica of the real moon which hangs on your wall and looks pretty. It does look very pretty, though, with it’s highly-detailed lunar surface and glow-in-the-dark appearance. Use the remote control to choose which of the 12 phases of the moon you want to view, then sit back, relax and, er, heal.

It costs $79.40 and the manufacturer’s suggestions for use include switching on the healing moon while you’re “playing yoga on the mat”, “having champagne in the bathtub” or “lying on the bed with your favourite music.” Something there for each and every one of us, I’m sure.

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By Staff Writer | November 22nd, 2006

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  • Mr Butterscotch

    That description is really really strange. Whilst I’m not a girl (heh, why am I here? :)) the moon looks good. I’d rather leave it where it is for that price though!