Drive Alert Master: better than coffee

Susi Weaser Tech

According to statistics, one in five traffic accidents are the result of drivers being tired at the wheel. Not a good statistic, is it? The folks at Maplin Electronics obviously didn’t think so either: they’ve created a unique little gadget that alerts drivers when they’re about to nod off at the wheel.

The ‘Drive Alert Master’ is designed to fit snugly around the driver’s ear (with, apparently, no discomfort) and will emit a loud beep if the driver’s head should happen to fall forward, thus
sufficiently startling them (you hope) into waking up. This genius little gadget is available in 100 stores nationwide (UK), comes complete with battery and costs just £4.99.

Small price to pay for safety, no? [Jenna C-B]

Product page: Maplin

By Susi Weaser | November 9th, 2006

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