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Wednesday's Yay or Nay - Girly Pink Tool Kits

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Last week, I asked you about the bubble spa bath mat and the survey said Nay.

Girly pink tools. There are several opinions on this one. Firstly, it's an inferior product turned out in pink to appeal to 'silly girlies.' Secondly, it's kitsch, a bit daft and you wouldn't be seen dead with them. Then there's the at least no male will nick it so you'll always find your tools option, no where is that shelf that needs putting up? and finally the idea, can't a tool just be a tool, does it have to be pink to appeal to women?

Bearing all this in mind, if a tool is well made and pink, would you buy it? Yay or Nay and why?

(If you like this one, it's the Little Pink Tool Kit made by The Tool Kit People. It has 10 tools including hammer, spirit level, pliers and screwdriver. Guaranteed forever, it costs $79.95 and a portion of each sale will go to fight breast cancer.)

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  • Haliyah

    I would say YAY, but only if they were made with high quality in mind. The job I'm in is extremely hard on the toughest of tools, so I'd want equipment that the boys wouldn't steal ('cause they do - anything you put down has a habit of going missing, only to be found in the most unlikely places) AND that would work as hard as I do. To buy pink tools, I'd need to see hardcore test results.

  • nana

    Very cute Idea but I say NAY!!!!!! Too pricy just to be pink. there is actually a more affordable option available and the quality is just as good maybe even the same if not better than the little pink one. Not sure what you are paying for.... the tool purse or the pinkness of the tools. also in places like walgreens and C-A-L Ranch Stores you can find a nicely fashioned flowered version for 29.99. So YAY! I say NAY!!! to this pricy bag of tools. The bag is cute and all but makes more sense at 40bucks or less since the women buying it will probably be single mothers with nothing better to do but to do everything themselves anyway. Trust me.... I know... we do because we have to....

  • jobaby

    Yay, yay, yay! but they must be well made. I think it is about time that the tool manufactures started taking us girls into account, i've been buying and using "Male" tools for years but they are big and all look so manish and ugly, what's wrong with having tools that are the correct size AND are colour co-ordinated and feminine, I am !!!!

  • multifacted


    I hate going to a tool store, wanting to find that I need and that will fit my girl sized hand only to find these pink tools that would be distroyed if I droped them down the stairs.

  • grow power

    Yay but only if the tool is well made. I've never been one to judge something or someone based purely on the color. That being said, I have yet to see a well made pink tool set. Although strictly for guys tools are sometimes too big to be ergonomic for my hands.

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