USB Scale Tracks Your Weight So You Can’t Keep Kidding Yourself Don’t Have To

Star C. Foster Tech

caloriescale.jpgMy, isn’t the Tanita PC InnerScan model BC-500-SV a helpful scale? Not content, like other scales, to display your weight digitally, it had to go that step beyond and come equipped with a USB memory stick. What that means for you (and up to three other people in your household) is that the scale data can be transferred to your PC to produce a variety of weight and body fat charts and graphs to demonstrate just what having a chocolate fountain around the house gets you. (I’m a bit obsessed with the chocolate fountain this week. Must be having a Willy Wonka phase.) For approximately $133 this tool could be a boon to someone serious about losing weight, and a real slice of visual hell for the rest of us.

CalorieLab – [via SciFi Tech]

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By Star C. Foster | October 18th, 2006

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