The first keyboard your friends will drool over – Logitech's diNovo Edge

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Yes, keyboards are generally quite a dull subject matter. But this one is here to tell you he’s different. Of course, they all say that, but I’m inclined to believe this one more than most. It’s cut from a single sheet of black Plexiglass, and yes, of course it’s ‘Piano Black’ (It’s the new Raven Black, donchaknow) and features an iPod like scroll wheel, backlighting and Bluetooth. It’s wireless, recharging through the base station which also acts as a stand.

When I spoke to the folks at Logitech, they said they expected it to be in people’s living rooms, as they need something to navigate the media centres and web browsers that are increasingly appearing on people’s TVs. The boys over at our new blog Brandish however, have declared it Most Likely to be Seen in Darth Vadar’s living room, which also seems a distinct possibility. Particularly since it’ll set you back £150 come the launch in November, and as we know, Darth Vadar is rubbish with money.

Check out the new Brandish blog here. It’s the boy’s answer to Shiny Shiny, full of cool stuff, but I’m sure they won’t mind if us girls sneak a peak.

By Susi Weaser | October 4th, 2006

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