Robomop: the budget robot

Susi Weaser Tech

Housework: bane of everybody’s lives. Fact. I mean, no one actually enjoys dusting and polishing do they? So this gadget is sure to bring much happiness: RoboMop is a battery powered 8.5 centimetre dusting machine, replete with electro static pad no less. It’s a strange contraption that looks as if the design team were visited by alien spacecraft shortly before receiving their brief, and were thus inspired to create what looks like a flying saucer crossed between a hovercraft that cleans. Any hard surface, apparently. And with 98% accuracy too. And if you’re not sold already? The RoboMop could be yours for just £29.99. Beam me up Mr Pledge! [Jenna C-B]

Product page: Robomop

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By Susi Weaser | October 20th, 2006

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