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Emotibuds: Because Your Ears Have Feelings Too


If you find emoticons in emails (or any other text-based communications) so annoying you want to just reach through the screen and slap their smiling/frowning/winking little faces, you might want to just skim past this entry. These, you see, are Emotibuds: yes, that's right, emoticons for your ears - or for your iPod earbuds, anyway. They come in four different colours and four different emotions ("starry eyed", "skeptical", "pacified", and my own personal favourite, "neurotic"), and you just slip them on your earbuds to let everyone around you instantly know your mood. Unfortunately these must have been so popular that makers Futuronomie seem to have sold out of them at the moment, but you can sign up to be notified when new Emotibuds come into stock.

Product Page: [via Techie Diva]

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