Power Aware Cord glows brighter as you use more juice

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Instead of the same old rubberized black power cable, the Power Aware Cord pulses brighter and brighter as you draw more electricity.  Developed by Anton Gustafsson and Magnus Gyllenswärd for STATIC!, the idea is to draw attention to not only how much power you're using (in hope you'll consume less) but also that simply by…

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Cashmere iPod Hoodie from Anthropologie

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Resembling an iPod moccasin more than the ipod hoodie of its name, this little knit case from Anthropologie is made from, yes, cashmere, with cotton trim and a plastic button. Available in cherry, silver and cream, it's just the thing for the blustery months to come. $36 USD. [GT] ipod hoodie [via Gizmodiva] Related stories:…

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Tuesday's Tech Tip – Keep your secrets safe with Freeware

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Hands up who's got a secret? Well, who knows, it's not like I can see you (except for you, yes you! I can see you). One way to keep them safe, if you really must type them out, is to install a password... but that isn't exactly infallible. The better way is to encrypt your…

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Sony's "Pink" Memory Stick Micro

Katie Phones Leave a Comment

Everyone's doing pink stuff at the moment, in part thanks to Breast Cancer awareness month. But Sony is bucking that trend with a gadget that isn't *actually* pink, but is in association with Pink. The pop star. The 512MB Pink Memory Stick Micro (M2) is pre-loaded with exclusive content, including an extract of the Stupid…

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V Moda Remix Metal Class Coloured Earbuds for iPods

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IPod earbuds! That are pink! Sorry - that are ThatsHotPink. These are V Moda's new selection of buds in a range of Nano-friendly colours, which means you get to choose from the aforementioned pink, BlueSteel and BlingBlingBlack. As for the sounds, well, they promise to deliver "warm mids" and "crisp highs", which may sound like…

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LED Candles Respond To Your Every Breath

Star C. Foster Gadgets Leave a Comment

The LED Blow On-Off Candles are fireless candles sure to impress your friends, or at least any children in your lfe, as when they see you "light" it by blowing on the wick (after surreptitiously flicking on the on switch) they will no doubt think you're a wizard or witch or some other magical creature.…

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Cellboost Battery Brings Dead Gadgets Back to Life

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Got a dead gadget? Is it only dead because you made it that way, by leaving the poor soul to run out of juice? Well, you can put the defibrillator away, for there is a solution. It's called Cellboost, and it provides back-up battery power to your mobile phone, iPod or Blackberry. Cellboost is pocket-sized…

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Spooky iPod Costumes

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Clearly these costumes are something you've always wanted but never knew about it, so deep was the desire in your subconscious. Indulge yourself and indulge your iPod this spook fest with left, a ghostly costume that glows in the dark and comes with it's own tombstone or dress it up in Frankenstein outfit with own…

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Dress up your computer with the Ghost Mouse

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Despite not being one of Those kind of people, who put candy-cane striped fairy lights out on 1 November and actually have an adult-sized Easter Bunny costume, the spirit of Halloween really appeals to you, and you can't fit any more Jack'o'lanterns on your front step, so you decide to decorate your desk. First place…

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