Nokia L'Amour updates girlified whimsy with the 7390, 7373 and 7360

Gabrielle Taylor Tech

Looking borderline edible, the Nokia 7390, 7373 (which seems to not be online yet) and 7360 update their L’Amour look by punching pink in along with the ivory and chocolate.  The 7390 (‚Ǩ450) is Nokia’s first 3G with a music player, 3 mp cam and streaming video calling.  The 7373 is a swivel with stereo speakers, a 2 mp camera, bluetooth, a 128 microSD card slot, plus matching phone charm, case and headset.  At the entry level is the 7360 with an FM radio, 640×480 camera, speaker, 4 megs of memory and support for MMS messages and email.  [GT]

Nokia 7390 and 7360 [via Techia Diva]

By Gabrielle Taylor | September 5th, 2006

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