iKaraoke – Griffin's karaoke mic for your iPod

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iKaraoke Just when I’ve finally trained myself out of my compulsion to sing along to the music on my iPod on, say, public transit (I do still lip synch sometimes, though), Griffin comes along and makes a karaoke mic for it. Granted, the iKaraoke takes the music from your iPod and then blasts it through your stereo (sans the vocal track, of course) so it’s not exactly something we sing-alongers can meanace our fellow passengers with on the bus. Still – it’s going to be hard to remember that the iPod is for listening and not for singing in public knowing that someone, somewhere, is using a microphone to sing along to theirs. Sigh. Lip-synching silently to myself is just never going to be the same.

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By Star C. Foster | September 18th, 2006

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