Goggles to Protect Your Eyes from Onion

Do onions make passes at cook’s who wear glasses?  Perhaps not, if the specs in question are these Onion Goggles from Broadway Panhandler. Stylistically, they remind me of something the fellas of Devo might have worn, but what they lack in fashion they allege to make up for in function: there’s a foam seal that blocks those pesky onion emissions from making your eyes water.

Product Page [via Slashfood]

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Star C. Foster

Star C. FosterGoggles to Protect Your Eyes from Onion
  • http://fashionasia.blogspot.com fashionasia

    Ah Finally someone invented this!!
    Have been lamenting since a decade ago why no one invented the goggles yet!

  • Captain Snapple

    I wish I had these back when I was in Junior High. And I had to pick onion soup ~ boo!

  • Johanna

    I have been known to wear swimming goggles for that purpose before. Works and looks just as stupid.

  • Niki

    imagine you in the kitchen cutting away, and somebody walks in, im sure he/she will get the shock of her/his life. lol. but i want one! no more tears