Samsung's Pink Q40 laptop

Katie Tech 3 Comments

Remember that red Samsung Q30 laptop I wrote about a while back? What, you mean you don’t memorise my every utterance? Shame on you. No matter, at least I get to remind you of it now that the Samsung Q40 has been launched in a bright pink variety. Available exclusively in PC world, this super-lightweight 1.15kg laptop is very slim, packs an Intel 1.2GHz Core Solo processor, 512MB of memory and 60GB hard drive. Yours for just shy of £1300 (surely that could have popped in a Core Duo for that price?).

Where in the world? PC World

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By Katie | August 11th, 2006

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  • Q

    I think the Q30 is much better (sure it’s red and not pink) but it’s better value for money. And I totally agree! They could def. have put in a Core Duo for that price tag.

  • Richard Sporle

    You don’t need to read further than ‘exclusive to PC World’ to know this doesn’t represent value for money. Richard

  • Sean Nicholls

    PC World are ditching all their winxp laptops, at a huge price drop. The kicker is with 99%, a free upgrade to windows vista premium is included by way of coupon.

    this lappy can be gotten for 899 EUR, approx 620 GBP.

    As a guy, I tend to steer clear of pink. But at this price… Its very tempting. At the very least I could probably spray paint it.

    I agree with the other comment; the q30/35’s are much better, but at PC Worlds current pricepoint (600 eur cheaper) I can hardly fault this laptop. even if its “pretty in pink”.