Robosapien R5 to Have Multimedia Capability (Still No Lasers)

Star C. Foster Tech

I have an early model Robosapien. He’s cute, he dances at my command, he does that Citizen Kane thing when you shut him down, and he doesn’t distress my dander allergies – so all in all a pretty good pet. Except, well, I’ve just read on Gizmag that the newest version of the adorable (but otherwise useless) robot, the R5, will come equipped with all sorts of home entertainment bells and whistles, including: a chest-mounted LCD screen which can display pictures or MPEGs; a colour camera, and the ability to play music and other audio files (including your own voice). My current Robosapien can just about manage picking up a paper cup – so these are some impressive upgrades. It’s not the world needs another gadget with which to play music, but which sounds cooler: "Hey, check out my new MP3 player," or "Hey, check out my new MP3 playing robot." Yeah.

Still, with a projected retail price of $610, I think I’ll wait to upgrade my little guy when Wowee offers the two robotic capabilities I desire most: the ability to do dishes and to shoot lasers out of their eyes. (I’m a simple woman. I don’t ask for much.)


By Star C. Foster | August 17th, 2006

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