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MainGear's Prysma Pyramid PC

Prysma4_1 Maingear's customisable Prysma PC has 64-bit CPU support, Intel VIIV technology, and a shape that will turn all the traditional (totally squaresville) PCs green with envy (although maybe not Cypress Green - as that's a whopping $299 extra).  My biggest concern with this unusual case design: without a flat top, it would leave me no place to haphazardly stack the games I'm currently playing, or the recently purchased Cd's I keep meaning to rip to MP3 the next time I have a few minutes.  With a pointy PC like this on her desk, a gal might have to actually start putting things away when she's done with them.

Starting at $1,958.10 from Maingear.

Product Page [via Chip Chick]

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