EGGE Music Player – Looks like an egg

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When I am King EVERY gadget will have to be shaped like an egg. Really, what better shape is there for a bit of technology? Nothing, that’s what. It’s the best shape and that’s the end of it. This Egge MP3 player is not only the correct shape (following the laws of my kingdom), it’s also now on sale in the UK with Play Engine. The Korean player comes with a magnifying glass cover which will apparently render the 1-inch OLED display more readable, and it comes with 512MB or 1GB memory, an FM radio, support for WMV and AVI movie files, plus a flipping display that will reverse at the press of a button. That’s so you can read it when it’s hanging round your neck, though surely just sticking the hanging lanyard at the bottom of the screen would have done the same job,wouldn’t it? Out mid October with pricing still to be confirmed. [Update: These players look very similar to those egg-shaped MP3 players we posted about way back here and here.]

Egge page on Play Engine

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By Katie | August 3rd, 2006

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