Smart, Stylish SIM2 Grand Cinema HD projector

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After being very cynical about high def services, I’ve been preaching with the fervour of the converted now I’ve got it up and running at home. But while my flat screen may be big and lovely, high definition DLP projectors like this SIM2 Grand Cinema HT305E projector leave me pining for a screen-free household.

According to sister site, HDTV UK you’ll need a large room to accommodate its maximum projection size of 250-inch diagonal and even its 50-inch minimum is serious competition for High Def televisions. Shame it’s £4,999.

SIM2 Website

For more information about High Definition TV – what it means and what products and services are available – our HDTV UK blog is a good place to start.

By Katie | July 13th, 2006

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