Inflatable 'Buddy on Demand'

Gabrielle Taylor Tech

It’s nice to have a man about the house, but in this case, even nicer to have one about the car, especially since he fits right in the glove box. The Inflatable Buddy on Demand blows up at the flick of a switch if you’re alone at night and really need a fella by your side – in the car, of course. The idea is to provide the silhouette of a couple instead of a single woman (doubtless he’d also prove beneficial in the car pool lane). Sadly he’s only in the prototype stage, but if you go over and indicate that you’d surely buy a box of instant man, well, who knows what might happen. [GT]

Inflatable Buddy on Demand [via Coolbuzz]

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By Gabrielle Taylor | July 28th, 2006

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