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BenQ-Siemens' EF61 Mia Special Edition - 'the ultimate make-up phone'

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Benqsiemens_1Last night I went a-schmoozing at beauty mecca Pout's 5th birthday party, which also saw launch of BenQ-Siemens' new EF61 Mia Special Edition, aka 'the ultimate make-up phone'.

In between eyelash extensions and lip gloss top-ups, I got to fondle and admire the girliest of girlie phones. In powder blue with a feathery petal design and matching fringed leather charm, the sleek clamshell is a nice change from the usual bubblegum pink ladyphones, and borrows all the best bits from Siemens successful CL75 Poppy model.

The 'beauty' gimmick is that it comes with an integrated compact mirror and is pre-loaded with Pout's '5 minutes to fabulous' java application. With scrolling text, photos and even a zoom feature, it'll show you how to do your makeup in five easy steps (with makeup artist Adam Dargan to help you). It might not be for everyone, but it's a nice change from snake or sudoku.

Benqsiemens2_1It's not all about looks and lipgloss, though. The phone packs a decent punch tech-wise with a 1.3 megapixel camera, a micro SD slot (you'll find a 64mb card to start you off in the boutique-style packaging) and an MP3 player. There's also a matching powder blue headset and data cable for easy file transfers.

It's been designed by an all-female team with women in mind, but it's nice to see that  there are plenty of great features to back up the gimmicks. All in all, it's a great piece if kit if you value style as well as substance. [Gemma]

The phone goes on sale in September from £99.99 on pay-as-you-go from selected stockists and at the BenQ-Siemens shop

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  • Vas

    I rele hate this fone that i bought!!

    1. The radio dont work it says "fm headset not ready" when it is in!

    2. There are no games

    3. Cant view videos!!!

  • Kathryn

    Well i gt da fone xmas lst year it sratches easy!! the purple theme doesn't work it just turns the fone off!! it freezes and is very slow!!! the radio doesn't work and although the battery use to last me about 4 days 10 and a bit months on and it onli lasts half a day

  • Tash

    I got this phone last xmas so

    ive had it 4 around 10 months

    and ive had absolutely no probs

    with it. Its pretty, has everything

    i need and its original!

    Ive dropped it so many times and it

    hasent broken and its hardly


    The battery is f9 it lasts me

    3 days which is average!!

    I got the usb with it and its

    so easy to load pictures onto

    my pc.

    It doesnt have video but i

    still think it is a great phone!

    So dont be put off by bad reviews

    this phone is really good! x

  • Hayley

    It is the worst phone ive ever had, the battery lasts no more then 3 days and i cant have the purple theme on , it turns off and sends me back to the main screen! and the 5 mins to pout thing is rubbish! and its really slow!


  • katy

    had the phone 8 months mp3 kept playing up, nva reads memory card on 1st go, cuts out 4 no reason wen fully charged,scratches easily, difficult 2 c in da sunlight... dnt gt it da pretty design istnt worth it and neithers the mirror and the game isnt a game its a make-up 2 mke u buy it ... bt i gt a new samsung which is brilliant cuz i returned it faulty and virgin exchanged it 4 sumfing worth da money

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