Sumvision 1GB media player for under £50

Katie Tech

Really I don’t think there’s any more gag mileage left in these Apple-esque music players that continue to crop up with reassuring regularity. Probably best if I just stick to the facts and then we can all move on to something with more scope for my crap humour. This Sumvision Opus Pro does offer a bit more for your money than usual, with an MP3 and video player included  – and all for under £50.

The 1GB Sumvision Opus pro can play music in MP3, WMA, WAV formats, and movies in MPEG4 or ASF format. There’s also an FM tuner and a digital voice recorder included. And if that doesn’t sate your gadgety hunger, there are also three games to play. You can make it part of your life for £49.98.

Sumvision Opus Pro

More MP3 Playing Joy on Shiny

By Katie | June 5th, 2006

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