Silicone "Flesh" Chair Cushion

Star C. Foster Tech

Excil, producers of external silocone body products, offers the Silicone "Sitzfleish," or "flesh for sitting."  This chair cushion mimics human tissue, "nature’s unequaled solution for utmost sitting comfort."  Designed for people who sit in office chairs all day, the Sitzfleish claims to be a seat cushion which is "like a natural extension of your own body."

Now, I’m all for comfort (why do you think I spend so much time sitting to begin with?), and I’m even willing to roll with the hypothesis that mimicking the texture of human tissue might make for a more comfortable cushion.  What I fail to see is why it was necessary to make it look so much like human tissue.  Sure, they’ll wrap it in leather or fabribc, but having seen it all, well, naked, on their website, I can’t help but wonder how comfortable could I possibly be sitting on something that gives me the major heebie jeebies?

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By Star C. Foster | June 2nd, 2006

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