Shredding Scissors

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Panic’s over everyone – I’m back! Admit it, you didn’t even notice I was missing did you? That’s because all the other Shiny writers are far better at coping without me than I like to imagine. In fact, I’m feeling a trifle peevish about the whole thing. While I enjoy a little sulk, here’s a nice (and very short) gadget story to keep you occupied.

When I saw these shredding scissors the first thing I thought was "I need to get me some of those" (because, really, shredding paper is my idea of a good time). Then I thought about it again and realised that a small windy type shredder like this one from Muji would make the job of shredding up paper even more fun without taking up a huge amount more space. Good job these things only seem to be available in Japan or I’d be feeling a mite foolish right now.

Shredding Scissors

By Katie | June 2nd, 2006

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