IRIS wireless security camera – view on your mobile phone

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Security cameras are great – they watch your property and make nifty little crime videos for the police to watch over coffee and donuts whilst they complain about the state of the nations ‘yoof’. I was going to type up a tirade about crime but gave up in despair.

If I had the newly launched IRIS camera I’d be able to connect to the camera via my mobile phone without even the need for broadband, a PC, an internet account or apparently even any techie know-how. You don’t even need a 3G phone – the footage can be viewed by your average handset.

The camera has it’s own sim card embedded in it, separate from any IP network so it will continue to transmit even in the event of all your computer equipment going AWOL. If you have it on alarm mode, the camera will monitor for movement spurring the camera to immediately upload video to a secure server then alert you via SMS so you can check out the footage. Security footage is accessed via a PIN number and allows any number of mobile phones to view at once.

Plus points are it’s multiple uses – at home check up on your childminder or watch your sleeping baby, at work – monitor your premises or use inside your vehicle.

Current pricing is set at US $180 via IRIS / UK info

By Camilla Chafer | June 13th, 2006

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  • Francis Boateng

    can u please provide mare details on the products, i will like to set up a shop where i will buying from you.

    thank yoiu