Computer rear view mirror

Camilla Chafer Tech 2 Comments

If you’re sat at a desk where your back is turned to the office and you have a penchance for surfing the web, then you’ll probably have need of a rear view mirror for your computer.

Call you paranoid or just plain nosy, at last you’ll be spared the embarrassment of explaining just what you were really looking at instead of doing those boring spreadsheets. £4.45 at Ministry of Gadgets.

By Camilla Chafer | June 1st, 2006

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  • Widepart

    As much as the rear view mirror seems like a good idea they are almost useless.

    I was selling a like mirror many years ago, it was sold as a corporate giveaway. (shinyshit)

    I used one myself and (it is still attached to my monitor) I found that I could not detect people behind me because I was not constantly looking in the mirror and missed 99 per cent of the people approaching me from behind.

    What is needed is a motion detector that can warn you with a ?beep? a ?light? or a electic shock—-just kidding with the last one.

    It would have to be mounted behind the operator so as not to pick up any motion the operator might make… know, instead of warning you it should be able to change (VIA (Blue Tooth or something) the viewed page to an operator selected safe page,
    instantly… that would work and although it would be more expensive it would actually do the job.


  • Katie

    I see another use in this. I like to have my telly on while I’m working on my laptop at my desk. Only problem is my telly is on my chest of drawers behind me. So I have a mirror propped up on a pen jar on the desk so I can see the telly over my shoulder. This little mirror could make my pen jar mirror redundant! Fab.