Shoes With Built-In Stun Gun

Star C. Foster Tech 2 Comments

The Electric Cindererlla Shoe hides a shocking secret, literally: when activated by a special necklace, it becomes a stun gun capable of delivering 100,000 volts.  Designed as part of Simona Brusa Pasque’s thesis project, the shoes are meant to allow the wearer to feel both sexy and safe, and to provide personal protection in case the Prince turns out to be a scoundrel in the end.

The stun gun, hidden in the shoe’s tip, can be used only once, as it requires the wearer to smash the glass tip to function.

Unfortunately, the shoe is still concept only; Pasque is currently seeking business partners to bring these from dream to reality.

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By Star C. Foster | May 11th, 2006

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  • Fonder the illegal eagle

    Before you even think about buying anything like this remember that in many jurisdictions weapons camouflaged under the guise of everyday objects, such as cane swords or pen guns , are highly illegal. I know that getting caught with one of these were I live would get me into a heap of trouble…

  • Megs

    This is kind of sad, because we might fear our purse being stolen in a mugging, and instead we ruin a shoe in one.