LG KG800 Chocolate phone review

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The Tech Digest team managed to get their hands on the much-coveted LG Chocolate phone the other day. Apparently, those smart looking red keys on the front aren’t actually keys at all, but touchpad controls that light up when you slide open the screen. The music player works well and the handset itself is surprisingly light and compact. The one downer is the memory capacity, which is limited to 128MB with no recourse to memory cards if you run out of room. For a full run down on the handsets various charms, head over to Tech Digest to read the full review.

By Katie | May 8th, 2006

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  • http://dfgdfg.com e

    nooooooo! wot an ugly phone!

  • http://www.partypad.com Darryl

    I want one but my girlfriend won’t let me

  • me

    i think its gorgeous !

  • Anonymous

    its good but wont it scratch like hell???

  • Jessica

    Oh my gawsh. I REALLY want one of these phones :'( I bought the LGS5200 not that long ago, but now that I’ve seen this one..my heart is set on it!!

  • Anonymous

    my boyfriends got one and he is absolutely crazy about it..he is madly in love with it and doesnt let anyone touch it…

  • yoyo

    how much is it because i want it?

  • hannah

    i really like this phone i think that it is really nice but i dont no how much it is and i want it like hell xxxxx

  • lizzie

    i think this fone is wow ! i rly want 1 but i cant seem 2 find how much it is can sum 1 tell me plz ? xxx

  • sumit kumar

    plz tell me the price of model LG KG 800 chocolate phone. plz send it now

  • amy

    just got this phone yesterday and its amazin!it so light n looks great! recommend it 2 anyone!xx

  • amy

    i got the pink 1 and i think its sexxxxxxxxy!!!!

  • ben

    I got one from Hong Kong at $350

  • Matt

    The LG KG800 is an excellent phone, with loads of features. However, the battery life is too short, and the touch sensitive keys are too sensitive… http://www.best-mobile-phones.org/review/3-lg-kg800-chocolate

  • annie

    well mi bestie has 1 but i wanted it first which sux…but imma get a pink one cos they’re updated and pink!!!!!!!!! i love pink

  • kate

    im soooo gettin one 4 crimbo i cnt wait 4 it. how much are they though. im sooo lykin da pink one its sexxxy init !!!! x~x~x~x~x~x

  • Amy

    I luvthis phone, its so prettiful. 1 of ma best m8s is getting the black one 4 xmas, and im jealous, but i want the pink 1 more now!!!

  • lewis

    dis fone is mint luvin it

  • Katie Louise

    I totally wnt this fone or the samsung E900 coz they r soooooo alike but i wnt it in pink lol!

  • jessica

    i love this phine it is so fit dont ya think lol lyl

  • emma

    ive just bought it about half an hour ago, cost me 179.99… not tooo bad it thought.

  • Marfa

    I am so desperate 4 dis phone!
    I luv it so much!

  • Ella

    I Got this phone for christmas i am only 11 years of age and it is very good, i have had no scratched i have got 38 songs on it and more than 20 pictures; i do reccomend this phone to all ages as it is good for work and just to have some fun. The pink one is very girly and that is the one i got for christmas… :D

  • sparkle bubble

    hey could peeps who bought tis phone tell me wot the touch screen is like and if its innoying and does it scrach easily i so want to buy tis phone but dont want to make a mistake plz help thanx

  • natalie ward

    Worst phone i have ever ever had. The camera is awfull, the touch sensitive screen wont work if your hands are cold/hot Its shocking. i am about to have the stupid phone fixed again for the second time! I wish i went for a trusty nokia that doesnt say ‘emergency only’ 18 times a day or ‘error in connection’Tied into an 18mnth contract with it.So cross Fair play it looks good but its SH**! There you go, an honest opinion

  • ashleigh

    omg i bought 1 and av had it for 4 weeks and theres something wring with it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • cassie

    omg i nw got 1 ive had it like 2weeks nuffins wring wiv it but nw i read dese its put me off lol

  • Katy

    I have had this fone for nearly a month and have had no problems with it at all! The memory is not brilliant but it is enough to store quite alot of songs – more songs than all my friends!! LOL. The phone dosent scratch easily – I dont have any scratches on my fone. I have no problems with the touch screen and I found it very easy to use. The Mp3 player sounds great and the volume can go very loud too!
    The battery life lasts about 3 days when not used very much but if you want to spend all day playing mp3s and on bluetooth then its gonna run out within 6 hours. Overall I love my new LG Chocolate and Im gonna keep it forever!! lol

  • Varity

    I got this phone in July last year – about 9 months ago!
    It’s a great phone, the amount of memory is fine, the touch screens are good, you get used to them after about 2 weeks, and mine hasn’t broken at all. The camera is fine, you have digital cameras if you want to take good pictures!! Although there are some down sides, The screen scratches, i now wish that i had kept that black holder thing, coz you need it!! And now, in the sunlight you can’t see anything coz its so scratched. That is my only problem.
    Does anyone know where i can get it replaced??

  • Ginny

    My friend Michaela has the green chocolate phone and it is so awsome!!! My cousin has a black one. If I bought one, I would so choose the strawberry one! PINK ROX!!!!~lovin chocolates~

  • eya

    i love this phone even though it costs $299 aus it is still a really gud phone, and if youget the white one it dosent scratch as much!!

  • mary

    i want this phone bad but 2 of my frineds already have it n they wont like it if i get 1 but i still want to no how much it is and all

    and u no the black 1 does it have red in it?

  • carly

    i love my strawberry chocolate. it’s a lot of fun.. it does have the short battery life but.. i still love it!

  • Ashlynn

    Kay like.. My dad said he could buy me a white chocolate phone but people are saying it gets broken easily… someone tell me if it does.!!!
    Id realllyy love that :P

  • lolly pop

    I really like these phones but i have a problem….
    How much are they? and will there be a better one tht comes out soon ?

  • Vanessa

    everyone wnats this phone, unfortunate me I have it. I was so lucky when I actually was allowed to buy it! then I got so attatched and never let anything happen to it, untill, something did! it gout at least 16 small scratches on the top and 4 on the bottom, five if you count the on the down arrow touch pad. This is a great phone, but if your getting it! I strongly recomened and a in-phone cas so you can use it when its in the case and a screen protecter. I still have it THANK GOD, but now I don’t see it as much of a great cell phone anymore cuz its…ugly, whats te point in having a cool phone when it looks old and worn out? and guess what, it was less tham 2 weeks out of the box, Now I can’t go bragging to my friends I have a cool phone too. Pity me, Karma sucks!

  • hafz

    i have jus recently bought dis fone its bin bwt 2 months, and it is soooooo shit. alrdy havin problems wid it. the screen is messed up, the camera aint working, and it goes blank, erm wa else u cnt hear nething when ur onda fone wid sum1, n it totally goes silent sumtymz even tho the other person can hear you. ANYWAYS i wudnt recommend it honestly go 4 samsung or nokia its wayyyyyyy beta. gna try and get myn fixed but dnt think it will last anyway.

  • kacie

    that phone sucks! i got it and the touch pad wont work hardly ever unless i press hard and push up on all the keys!! i don’t know what’s wrong wtih it but all my friends have had trouble with theres too!!! RUN FROM THAT PHONE! STAY WITH THE CHEEPO PHONES THEY LAST LONGER AND WORK BETTER!! WASTE OF MONEY!!

  • joey

    lurrve it!

  • chloe

    i like this website because its pink

  • http://www.shinyshiny.tv/2006/05/lg_kg800_chocol.html amy

    this fne is mintage i ave gt 1 4 crimbo sixty quid from tesco

  • dianne

    hi can u tell me if this phone worth buying how easy does it sctarch

  • lidz

    I got this phone about 3 months ago and already it is scratched and it has has some kind of wierd memory loss…. I used to be able to put about 10 songs on (which still isn’t much) but now when I try to even though it has no songs on it says that i dont have enough memory – oh, and you cant put a memory card in either. One of the reasons I got this phone was to play music, but now i Cant even do that! Its not a very good phone, so i wouldn’t recommend getting it it scratchs really badly and the shine rubs off eventually… I heavily regret buying it – I’m considering getting a new one! Plus, its got loads of other little flaws, like no snooze on the alarm, no loudspeaker, and when you look at messages you cant scroll through them you have to go back and click on the next one etc etc…..

  • lidz


  • jeffo

    im gettin the new silver one for crimbo it luk really gd

  • kira

    this is the best phone I have ever seen my friend got one and she says that they dont scratch it has got loads of memory mp3 player is very good and it can go very loud as well I want one 4 christmas I so hope I can have it my best friend loves it as well I think she has fell in luv with that phone since she has so it and my friend keeps on rubbing it in so when I have it I can rubb it in her face I so hope I get it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • colleen

    hey anyone help me, im trying to send pics to my new lg from my old phone but when i send them its saying not supported why????! thanks

  • hayley

    i got this phone for christmas. it is well good people who say you can;t use mp3 songs for ringtones are lyers you can. the camera very good and the touch is very easy it doesn’t ring anyone while in pocket has it locks srtaight away. and the battery is long lasted and strange when listening to mucis battery goes down but not listening the battery life goes back up i reccomend this phone to everyone

  • cici

    DONT EVER GET THIS PHONE!!! i looks super cool but it is so not after you get it… you have to charge it up every other day and also the phone heats up like hell after talking on the phone for about 10 mins…it feels like it is going to explode next to you ear when you are on the phone and guess what… MY PHONE IS NOW DEAD!!!

  • lily