Fisher Price Kid Tough gadgets for children

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Fisher Price has been making "real electronics for preschoolers". That’s right, forget the A La Carte Kitchen or the miniature hoover – it’s time to get your kids well on the way to being technological geniuses before their fifth birthdays. The Kid Tough range currently consists of a durable digital camera and a sturdy music player. The camera comes with a two-eye viewfinder (something I could do with since I’m possibly the only human adult in the world unable to wink), hand grips for steady shots and room for over 60 pictures (more if you stick in a memory card.)

Meanwhile, the FP3 music player comes pre-loaded with six songs and two stories, and you can download a heap more over the Fisher Price Online music store (!).

You can also rip tunes from your CDs, with enough room for over 30 songs in the internal memory and even more if you add a memory card. The music files are Fisher Price’s very own FP3 format, which will cause problems if you were planning on dropping your own MP3s on there, but at least you can rip from CDs so you won’t be totally reliant on the Fisher Price music store. Oh and there are child-sized headphones designed to play at a safe volume for young ears. No pricing or anything yet.

Fisher Price Kid Tough gadgets [via Techie Diva]

By Katie | May 15th, 2006

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  • ian

    You CANNOT, repeat CANNOT, burn a CD and rip it using their software. They have made it so you cannot do this, all that works is store bought CD’s, and music from thier store (which does not have regular music like say the song from Curious George, Jack Johnson’s Upside Down. Talked to customer service, told them some people dont even buy CD’s these days with the advent of things like itunes, but all they can do is note your file which she admitted no one would ever actually read but her, at that very moment.

  • Chris Hahn

    As of this comment, you actually CAN convert burned CD’s to the FP3. When you install the software, there’s an automatic upgrade for the FP3 Player Software, AND a 1.1 Firmware upgrade for the player itself. You have to go name all your tracks, but at least you can pull in stuff that you’ve got already. kind of a waste of CD’s though, unless you’re using a CDR/W.