Clack Punch-Bell Egg Cracker

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I’m the sort of uncouth neanderthal  who still doesn’t understand the need for asparagus to have its own fork – so I may be culturally unqualified to examine  the existence of another strangely specific kitchen tool: the Clack Punch-Bell Egg Cracker.  As you might guess from the name, this device (available with either a woodhead or rubberhead) will crack your morning egg for you.  The WM 2006 special version even has a minature football (that’s a soccer ball, for my fellow Americans) on top, for all your egg-eating footie fans.

I’m not much of a boiled egg eater (I’m much more of a just – coffee – for – me – thanks breakfaster), but are they really so difficult to open that they require their own tool?  Is cracking the top not something one can do effectively with a firm, targeted whack of a heavy spoon?  If your eggs require that special touch, you can get the Clack for 17,80 EUR (19,90 for the WM 2006) from UDIG. – [Star C. Foster]

Product Page (via Slashfood)

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By Star C. Foster | May 17th, 2006

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  • Mochene

    I never knew this gadget existed myself until I had to use one tonight at work. It cracks a cute little “cap” on the top of the egg, which is then emptied and cleaned out to be dried and filed with whatever you choose. We need 140 for a wedding this weekend.

  • George Kernohan

    A few years ago I was in Bielefeld, Germany where I saw the Clack Punch-bell Egg Cracker in a kitchen merchandise store. I have always been embarrassed when offered an egg in an egg cup while visiting friends in Europe where it is common to eat eggs in this fashion. The Punch-bell solved my problem. I received one as a surprise gift from a friend and have been happily ‘topping’ my soft boiled eggs ever since.