Built NY Lunch Tote – no nasty aeroplane food again!

Camilla Chafer Tech Leave a Comment

I’ve never had much luck with food and flying. I always order vegetarian pre-flight and I only get it 10% of the time. I shan’t bore you with the details of a rude air hostess who told me to ‘just pick the meat out’ but needless to say I have overcome my Britishness and now complain. Alot.

If only I’d got one of these lunch bags I’d not have a problem at all. The insulated compartments mean you can store both hot and cold food and it’ll stay that way. The stretchy neoprene holds a variety of lunch box sizes and it even doubles as a placemat. Folds flat or rolls up for storage. £19.95 at Magellan’s.

By Camilla Chafer | May 26th, 2006

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