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Two more artists have been given a go at creating characters for mimoco‘s line of unnecessarily (yet undeniably) adorable USB keys.  This month, TADO‘s piratey HERO hits the market.   Next month, there’s the cheekily named Corrupted_Data by Jon Burgerman (not sure I’d plug anything with that name into my PC, no matter how cute it was).  Corrupted_Data comes with an animated video by Burgerman, featuring the music of Penfold Plum.

I’m actually quite pleased to see they’ve come out with a pirate-themed mimobot, because I felt a bit put out when, earlier this year, they released a ninja mimobot.  After all,  everyone knows pirates and much cooler than ninjas.

Corrupt_mainInterestingly, however, HERO’s motto is "Hero is Love"; and theWee Ninja
X’s mask says LOVE across the front, so may the two aren’t so different
after all. Or maybe the Wee Ninja x is really HERO in disguise. Or
maybe they’re just USB key toys – and if you had both of them you could
make them fight to the death for Love dominance. Or you could just use
them to store your data. It’s your call.

The keys are available in 256MB, 512MB,  1G & 2G sizes, and range in price from about $50 to $150. You can view trailers for both characters at the mimoco website. – [Star C. Foster]


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