Ghost Detector Cell Phone Charm

Katie Tech

It’s great when something really useful arrives on the market. I mean, how many times have you been out and about, mobile in hand, thinking "ye gods, I could really do with a portable ghost detector for my phone right about now"? A fair few times, I’ll wager. Well, now your prayers are set to be answered with this Baketan Strap Ghost Radar, fruit of the collective loins of SollidAlliance (makers of the Ghost Radar) and Strapya. Apparently, it uses "mathmatical, meteorological and technological calculations" to seek out ghosts, which it does every 10 seconds, alerting you to the presence of any apparitions by flashing a red light and buzzing. You then have the choice of scarpering as fast as possible, or pushing the button so that the Baketan safe mode "starts to expel some Ghost out of your body." I honestly can’t say how I’ve lived a full and active life without one. Let’s hope some kind soul starts importing them from Japan soon.

Strapya Baketan Ghost Radar [via Oh Gizmo]

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By Katie | April 28th, 2006

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