Miss A Kit

Katie Tech

Being a bit that way inclined, I already have a healthy (or should that be unhealthy?) collection of Swiss Army knives littered about my abode. Not a great idea to carry them around with you at all times, however, since it may end with you getting more intimate with airport security than you’d strictly like.

For those girls who can’t face the thought of using a bog standard pen knife, this Miss A Kit should keep your girly girl credentials in order whilst still giving you access to a corkscrew, keychain, tweezers, bottle opener, screwdriver, scissors, ruler, nail file. flashlight and knife (or "and even a knife!" as the press blurb puts it – as if we’ve never conceived of such a notion).

Oh, and there’s also additional lady things in the form of needle and thread, safety pin,  mirror and perfume bottle.  I may be wrong (and how depressing if I am), but judging by 1) the name of the company and 2) the blurbs on the products, this company was set up and is run by men.

$19.95 from Useful Chick Stuff [via Coolhunting]

By Katie | March 30th, 2006

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