LG branch out into chocolate… phones.

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LG is looking to break into the fashion phone market in Europe, seeing as its current handset offerings are flagging next to the new giant Sony Ericsson and the machine that is Nokia churning out handset upon handset.

It’s a novel colour – brown with red back-lights is likely to stand out nicely from a market where we are used to black, silver and the occasional pink or blue, with nearly always blue-LED back lights. Why blue LEDs? Geeks just like them. Trust me on this one, I should know.

LG has sold 300,000 units of this deep brown touch-sensitive slider
"chocolate" phone with a ‘hidden’ LCD – also known as the LG5900 – in the native market of
South Korea, and plans to start shipping it to Europe in May, for launch on the 3rd. We’ll see how much it deserves its chocolate nickname by the numbers of models that quickly gain tooth-marks in the top corners.  [Sara Wallen]

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By Sara Wallen | March 22nd, 2006

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