LED Message Bra

Star C. Foster Tech 2 Comments

After years of reminding blokes that "our eyes are up here," someone’s gone and invented a bra that seems to say "but my breasts are down here."  In fact, since it’s got LED lights mounted along the decolletage, it can say that quite literally, if you’d like it to.

Originally designed as a performance art piece, the bra is for sale by custom order.  What price for this fashion-forward, feminism backwards piece? $500, and perhaps, a little bit of your dignity. – [Star C. Foster]

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By Star C. Foster | March 14th, 2006

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  • Emanuel

    Oh God, get over yourself. You think anyone will wear this with a serious additude? It’s a joke! You are woman, I’ve heard your roar– now where are my ear plugs?!

  • Damon

    So as I understand it this product is bad because it reminds men that women have breasts, as if that is something to be forgotten. In doing so you wish for men to forget a vital part of the human female body, a very deemining action in all of itself. If you do not wish to be seen as women, what do you want to be seen as? If you argue that your point here is to highlight the female gender then you wouldnt be promoting anger towards noticing that you are one.