Garage in the Garden?

Sara Wallen Tech

How about clubbing in the courtyard? Music in the meadow? Enough of the alliteration? Okay then.

Bear with me, The Move have just invaded my brain:

My head’s attracted to
Magnetic wave of sound
With streams of coloured circles
Makin’ their way around.

I can hear the grass grow
I can hear the grass grow
I see rainbows in the evening…

Rational posting resumes after the continue link…

Ahem. Sorry, just had a bout of psychedelia there. As you can probably guess by now, these plant pots have high-quality speakers sealed into their bases. They are weatherproof, waterproof, and yet the pots are complete with drainage and so will happily house whatever you care to plant in them. They’re also supplied with 10m cables which should connect to any HiFi speaker terminals.

So you could fool one of your more spaced-out friends into thinking he or she can indeed hear the grass grow. Or pansies. Available for just under £100 for a pair, you’ll even get stereo sound. One for your rock garden (haw, haw).  [Sara Wallen]

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By Sara Wallen | March 22nd, 2006

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