Emoticon Pillows

Star C. Foster Tech 3 Comments

At last, a way to tell how your furniture is feeling.  The Ridibundus smiley set of pillows come in six styles: :-), :-D, :-|, :-/, :-(, and, our favourite, :-P, with a tongue that actually sticks out. You can pre-order the set of six for $20.  (They’ll be $25 after June 10th.)

Emoticons can get grating in emails, but these pillows are rather cute.  Plus, if you’re feeling :-( with someone, you could always chuck the :-( pillow at them for extra emphasis. – [Star C. Foster]

Ridibundus Smiley Set (via Apartment Therapy)

By Star C. Foster | March 8th, 2006

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  • Babs

    They should do a limited edition set with ones like >:( and };) .

  • http://www.shinyshiny.tv Katie

    The only smiley I use is the :( one which denotes “peeved” in my book. It makes me chuckle. Better than :-(

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    Nice emoticons