ShoZu: Moblogging made easy

Katie Tech

Got a moblog yet? No? Well, you’re not alone – according to the guys at MoblogUK it’s something like 70-30 in favour of the boys when it comes to moblogs. This doesn’t quite make sense to me – I know full well that the ladies are using their phones to take snaps, I’ve posed for enough of the damn things whilst half cut in The Nags Head. If you’re one of those snap happy females, it might be time to start putting those photographic masterpieces onto the web for all the world to admire.

ShoZu is a great bit of free software that can help you out. It will send your photos straight to your favoured online gallery (Flickr, Text America, etc) and also send photos to your friends as an email. But because everything is sent as data, rather than MMS or email, it should save you a good few pennies. Plus, it’s a lot less hassle. 

And the software is improving all the time. There should be support for more phones and more websites in the coming months (such as MoblogUK -the site I use), and ShoZu has just added a commenting tool that sends you the comments people are making on your moblog or website. It will also synchronise with your mobile’s address book, so you can save all the info on your secure ShoZu account and change the content, with the updated info appearing on your phone. Neat.

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By Katie | February 15th, 2006

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